Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pre-Fall Looks

It's almost September, and I am loving the thought of autumnizing my wardrobe. Autumnizing, I'm pretty sure I just made that word up.

Although it's almost fall, we still experience 80 degree days well into September and sometimes October. It's important to me to dress for the season not the weather, but I also don't want to burn up and get sweaty smelly. So there's that.

I've assembled a few pre-fall looks that are sure to keep me looking and smelling nice!


I'm a jeans and tee kind of gal. Does that make me boring? Maybe, but it definitely makes me comfortable. I like to pair jeans with cute closed toe flats, a great bag, and a scarf with detail to make the outfit look richer and more autumny but without making me feel like I'm sweating to death.

I'm also all about dresses that "breathe" with you. Meaning, dresses that let you breathe comfortably throughout the day no matter how much lunch you eat. Pairing these flowy dresses with a chunkier heel definitely makes them season appropriate. 

What do you love to wear for fall?

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Monday, August 25, 2014

A unintended break

So I really didn't mean to take an almost 2 week break, but I guess I did. I was on vacation last week, and who knows what I was doing the week before!

I will be back tomorrow with riveting content, I promise. Well, maybe not riveting, but content nonetheless!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Pretties: Beauty Love

I'm all about experimenting with beauty products lately. For some reason, I'm enjoying mixing up my beauty routine more than my clothes. Here are some of my favorites right now.


Clockwise from top left...

1. NYX Dark Circle Concealer - I don't know about you, but my circles are so dark it looks like someone punched me in the eyes. This concealer really pulls its weight and makes me look normal and not like death warmed over.

2. Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight - OK, so I haven't actually tried this yet, but if it's like the other Smooth Infusion products then I'm all in. It's definitely top on my "to try" list.

3. GVP Volumizing Spray - I buy this hairspray at Sally's for $7.99. It's a generic for Kenra, which retails for $24. I like the GVP version just as well and it costs 70% less. This one is a no-brainer.

4. Trader Joe's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - I use coconut oil for nearly everything. I use it as a makeup remover, as a cleanser for my skin, as a moisturizer, as a hair mask, and as an antibacterial cream. It smells fantastic, and it really is the wonder salve.

5. NYX Butter Gloss - This new fave makes my lips feel so soft! It comes in great colors (I love Peaches N' Cream), and at under $5 you really can't go wrong!

6. Younique 3D Fiber Lashes - Seriously, the best mascara I've ever used. It lengthens and volumizes my lashes like nothing I've ever seen. If you haven't tried it you're in luck, because I'm giving it away today!

7. OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh - I'm loving this color for late summer and early fall. It's neutral, but it's very pigmented so you get tons of color. I picked mine up for about $2 at Marshalls.

Ashley from A Fashion Fixation (also a Younique Independent Presenter) has so graciously supplied the 3D Fiber Lashes set for one lucky winner. Make sure you enter by following the steps below!

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Monday, August 11, 2014

30 Before 30 Update

Last week I hit the 6 month mark. As in 6 months before I turn the big 3-0 and in theory, complete my 30 Before 30 list

I started this list when I turned 28 and every 6 months or so, I've taken stock in what really matters to me and updated it. You can see the original post here and the updates here and here.

My new items are bolded. I think it's very important to be introspective and define what's most important to oneself. That's why I don't care if my list changes every 6 months. I'm human, I live and breathe and change daily. So here's my new list. What things are important to you?

1. Travel to Europe
2. Take a cooking or baking class
3. Go back to Napa 4/26/13-4/30/13
4. Fill my house with items I love Done 2013/2014
5. Do a spending freeze for a month Done January 2014
6. Organize my closets Done May 2014
7. Go without television for a week Done 6/19/14-6/25/14
8. Call people instead of text or email for 2 weeks Done 6/4/13-6/18/13
9. Invest in a LV bag Done 8/9/14
10. See a show on Broadway
11. Complete the Jesus Calling 365 Day Journaling Devotional Update: Started January 2014
12. Buy coffee for the person behind me in the Starbucks drive thru Done February 2014
13. Lose these dang 10 lbs I've put on Done June 2014, but some back on so...
14. Attend a beyond fabulous event Dry Creek Valley Passport Festival 4/27/13-4/28/13
15. Go on a 'blate' Done 7/1/13
16. Grow an olive tree
17. DIY an ottoman DIYed a coffee table 5/12/13
18. Take a risk Done May 2014
19. Make sure Five gets the proper amount of exercise weekly
20. Get back into yoga
21. Organize our wine collection Done May 2014
22. Send a card to a friend just because Done in September 2013
23. Do something I don't feel like doing just because it's good for me Gave up sodas on 5/30/13
24. Do a blog redesign Done 8/3/13
25. Go on a spur of the moment trip
26. Make my own laundry detergent Done 6/1/13
27. Send flowers to someone anonymously
28.Write a letter to myself to open when I'm 40.
29. Surprise my husband with something fabulous
30. Skinny dip (can you believe that I have never done this?)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Random Monday Thoughts

1. I want to go to Target and buy all the pretty things.

2. Gotta get myself back on track with eating healthy (she thought while guzzling diet coke to keep herself awake).

3. I wonder if anyone will notice that I wore this exact outfit last Monday. The dogs sure as hell noticed this morning casting their judgmental stares.

4. Only 36 more years until I can retire!

5. I'd kill for a minor case of mono right now. A couple of weeks in bed with no appetite sounds glorious!

6. I should probably get a professional headshot taken. Gah, stupid career!

7. Must find perfect orange dress to wear to UT/Ole Miss game in 75 days.

8. Lord, I hope I remember (have the energy) to wash my hair tonight. This ponytail is not cute!

9. Spell check is my home girl today. I am misspelling all sorts of words!

10. I wonder how many followers I've lost since the beginning of this post?

Friday, August 1, 2014

High Five For Friday

This week has been a real doozy. We're moving into our Knoxville apartment today so it has been nothing but boxes and bubble wrap. To say I'm over it would be an extreme understatement.

BUT let's focus on the high points, shall we?

1. I got a date night on Sunday after we spent the day cleaning out the attic. I couldn't resist taking a photo of my reason to dress up a bit. 

2. I ventured out in public in my pajamas to get drive thru food for dinner. That was a real win all around. 

3. I also wore the equivalent of pajamas to work this week. So, yeah, still winning.

4. We went to a Ray Lamontagne concert on Tuesday and had tons of fun. It was a great night with my number one guy, which is a work week rarity these days. 

5. I got my hands on some pretty fantastic mascara. More on that to come on Tuesday. 

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