Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So cute!

I'm normally not a kid person. They're kind of messy, needy, and moody. I would compare them to a bad ex-boyfriend, but some people might get offended by that so I won't do it. *if you're reading this blog, this doesn't apply to your children because if you have sense enough to read my blog then your kids are obviously fab

Most of the clothes parents put on their children deeply disturbs me. Why the giant bows and flowers in the hair of little girls? I don't get the cartoon characters on everything. I understand the appeal of light up shoes, but they are def a fashion faux pas.

However, I stumbled across these pictures on Pinterest, and these kids are the cutest things I've ever seen. They have more style in their tiny pinky fingers than I have in my whole body. Forget trying to decide if I want children; I'll take one of these cuties. (until bedtime, then I'll give it back. I need my beauty sleep.)

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