Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer, fare thee well

This weekend I scrambled around trying to wear all the summer clothes and accessories I hadn't worn yet or won't wear after today. It was kind of fun.

I also tried to get my house in order because next week several of my friends will be in town, and they haven't seen our new house. I got a few projects done, and I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out.

The cherry on top of my weekend was Kris buying me a silk dress from Banana Republic. What a sweet thing for a husband to do. Now, I need to go somewhere fabulous so I can wear it. 

I have to work for a little while today, but I'm leaving mid afternoon to spend a little time with Kris. What did you do to celebrate the unofficial end of summer?

PS - come back tomorrow for some exciting news

An old dresser got a face lift
Taking my navy and white stripe skirt for a spin
Last funky summer nail polish
My DIY wall art for our office
Starfish earrings one last time


  1. I've been wearing all my summer skirts and dresses too! I'm so ready for fall! All this hot weather needs to hurry up and go away!

  2. True story. I'm ready for fall. It's my fave time of year.