Thursday, October 9, 2014

Real Housewives, Empty Closets, & Ninja Turtles - Thursday Musings

I haven't made blogging a priority lately, mostly because of all the craziness in my life. But, today I have a few things on my mind so why wouldn't I share them with you?

Teresa Guidice was sentenced to 15 months in prison after pleading guilty to bank and wire fraud. Part of me feels sorry for her, but part of me thinks she'll do just fine. 

I love the Zara blanket scarf. Love it, die for it, but I can't make myself buy it. I know I don't need it, but it's only $30. But didn't you spend $30 yesterday on pedicure you didn't really need? And $30 last week on makeup? And don't you need to buy a birthday gift? Do you ever have these internal struggles?

As it gets a little cooler, I'm finding getting dressed to be difficult. I wonder what in the heck I wore last fall. Surely I wore something, but what? My closet seems full of nothingness.

I had my hair colored back dark in August and again in September. Let me tell you, my hair is not holding the color! Every time I shampoo I see more of it wash down the drain. Maybe it's because it was very light on the ends or maybe the colorist is using a semi permanent color? I don't know, but it's starting to get expensive!

I joined a Diet Bet this week by recommendation from Ryan. If you haven't checked out her blog, do it! She's kicking ass and taking names!

And then there's this guy, who never ceases to amaze me. #TMNTforlife

And on that note, let's call it a day, shall we?


  1. I have never even seen a RH, but I have been following the whole story of Teresa. Something tells me that she will bounce back with a book deal and another show! LOL.
    The Grass Skirt
    The Mini Skirt

  2. Haha! Oh Teresa. She's a mess. Her poor kids. I gave up on the Zara blanket scarf and got the Target dupe for $15. I felt like it was a nice compromise.

  3. I love your dark hair! I am right there with you on struggling with what to wear for fall. East TN weather is way too unpredictable for my liking.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  4. Things: (1) Ahhhh! You're the sweetest! Thanks for the shoutout! I hope you enjoy the diet bet! I'm seriously contemplated joining another one... :) (2) Do you use sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner. I'm sure you do, but if not you should. When I switched over a few years ago, my color began lasting a lot longer.

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