Monday, August 4, 2014

Random Monday Thoughts

1. I want to go to Target and buy all the pretty things.

2. Gotta get myself back on track with eating healthy (she thought while guzzling diet coke to keep herself awake).

3. I wonder if anyone will notice that I wore this exact outfit last Monday. The dogs sure as hell noticed this morning casting their judgmental stares.

4. Only 36 more years until I can retire!

5. I'd kill for a minor case of mono right now. A couple of weeks in bed with no appetite sounds glorious!

6. I should probably get a professional headshot taken. Gah, stupid career!

7. Must find perfect orange dress to wear to UT/Ole Miss game in 75 days.

8. Lord, I hope I remember (have the energy) to wash my hair tonight. This ponytail is not cute!

9. Spell check is my home girl today. I am misspelling all sorts of words!

10. I wonder how many followers I've lost since the beginning of this post?

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