Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five For Friday

So, I didn't mean to take a little blogging break, but work got CAH-RAY-ZEE so all of my energy was focused elsewhere. It happens. But, I'm back today and happy to celebrate the most glorious day of the week!

This week, I've been thinking about my style and general lack thereof. Yes, I have some cute/nice clothes. Yes, sometimes I manage to put together a combination that looks decent. However, most of the time I look pretty average. No girl wants to look average.

That being said, I don't want to spend tons of money on new clothes. I hate feeling like I need to buy new pieces to look cute. I also hate not having any money. So, I decided I would dig deep into my closet and put together outfits with items I already own. Pinterest, of course, would be my inspiration.

Here are 5 looks I love that I think I can recreate in some way...

1. I think what appeals to me here is how effortlessly put together this looks.

2. I love the mix of luxe and casual.

3. I'm really digging white denim right now.
4. I love maxis, so this one is a no-brainer.

5. I've been wanting to try the knotted top thing, this will give me the push I need.

Here's to style and to the weekend! All images can be found on my Styled Pinterest Board. Linking up for H54F!



  1. I loved the cropped pants!!
    They are just adorable!!

  2. I especially love the first look! Totally know what you mean about not really wanting to spend money on new pieces! I need to rereate some looks with what I have! :) That's why I love fall so much... Layering is easy!

    Totally stalked and followed you on all forms of social media. ;) Haha! Your blog is adorable and I can tell I'm gonna love reading! Thankful I clicked your link in the link up. :)

  3. You could create these so easily! Another option would be one of those monthly subscription boxes. Gwynnie Bee or something? I would jsut want to keep ALL the clothes!