Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Style Statement Tuesday

Welcome to Style Statement Tuesday!

If you're new here, Style Statement Tuesday is way for me to chronicle my outfits and discuss how/if they fit my style statement, which I've defined as 'Classic Pretty.' It's also a place for you to link-up  your outfit posts and inspirations. To read more about Style Statement Tuesday, click here.

Today, I'm showing you one of my favorite summer dresses (that may be slightly age inappropriate)while taking Marion Berry Style's trend of the month challenge and using yellow. Forgive the photos, my photographer wasn't available and I had to use the timer on my iPad!

Jacket & Shoes: Old Navy; Dress: Forever 21; Belt: J.Crew Factory; Bag: Nine West
I would wear this shopping or day drinking with my girlfriends. I tend to be cold everywhere I go; a jacket is a must for me. Plus, I'm a tiny bit self-conscious about my arms, so having something to cover them makes me more comfortable.

This dress is super cute and feminine. Adding the purple belt and pops of yellow really make it fun. Is it 'Classic Pretty'? Probably not, but I like it anyway. And let's be honest, I've got about a year and half left before this dress becomes completely unacceptable for my age group. I'm going to wear it while I can!

What are you wearing? Link up and share you're style!



  1. I love the pops of color you added with the pink belt and yellow dress!
    Penniless Socialite

  2. I love this! You look gorgeous and the photos came out great! I didn't even know I had a timer on my iPad!

  3. Oh... I love it!!! Especially your sassy stare in the last picture :)

  4. Super cute! Its absolutely age appropriate, especially with the jacket! I'm linking up for the first time; so excited!

  5. LOVE the bag and heels! I would wear this out with my girlfriends as well. It seems like the perfect casual day dress.

  6. Great bag and heels!! Cute casual outfit!!

  7. Love how you styled it with the jean jacket and that yellow bag! Super cute!!

  8. Nice style of this summer.. I love the Stitching ! Yet the dress best for the summer. I love these looks, especially the yellow dress. thanks for the durable dresses collection.