Monday, February 18, 2013

Random, Part 2

I've declared today another "Random" day. Partly because I like to talk about random stuff, but mostly because I know you like to hear (er, read) me talk about random stuff. I'm a giver folks. That's what I do; I give.

Remember how we added soap to the list of things to which Five isn't allergic? Well, we can add toilet paper and house shoes to that list, as well.

I went to Target last Monday after work. I bought a birthday card, popcorn, and a box of cereal. I contemplated buying a bottle of nail polish, but I felt like that combo of items would be too weird.

Up until this weekend I hadn't washed clothes in 3 weeks.4 weeks is my all time personal best.

My nephew's first birthday party was on Saturday. I'm still nervous about whether he liked Singin' Cookie Monster. I'm thinking about following up with a wad of cash. I can't make up my mind. Like I said before, one year olds can be brutal.

My oldest brother and I sneaked mimosas into the above mentioned birthday party. We told everyone we were drinking orange juice because we felt like we were getting colds and wanted extra Vitamin C. Can we say lamest excuse ever?

I'm trying to decide if Mega Stuf Oreos are an appropriate Easter gift for my husband. He's given up sweets for Lent, so I'm thinking he'll love it.

I'm kicking myself for going to bed early and missing the Shahs of Sunset reunion. We don't have DVR, and I'm scared I won't catch the rerun. Dang it!

My little brother bought me a red rose for Valentine's Day. It was so super sweet.

I made a mistake at work last week and felt like a moron. I hate when that happens.

I think March is going to be my spending freeze month, but I haven't 100% decided. It's time to get started on that list!


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  1. I NEED to do my spending freeze soon too! Only 2 months to go until my 25th! Eek. Happy Monday love.