Thursday, January 31, 2013

In my opinion

Today, I'm linking up with Lala Lists for "In my opinion."

This is where I get to tell you exactly what I think. And you have to listen or get the hell off this blog. Just kidding, you can stay!

In my opinion...

Diet Coke is best damn soft drink ever invented

Twilight, Harry Potter &  Hunger Games are a waste of time (says the girl who watches RHO[insert city])

Drinking out of straws is more fun than not drinking out of straws

Cupcakes calories shouldn't count

People shouldn't have to work on their birthday

Sweatpants are only to be worn in the comfort of your own home

Someone should invent a nail polish that never ever chips

Champagne is an acceptable breakfast (and lunch or dinner for that matter)

Dog babies are cuter than human babie

Everything in the world should be available in pink

"Congratulations" sounds funny

It's time for a drink

Everyone should be driving a hybrid

It's creepy when strangers talk to me in grocery stores

McDonald's cheeseburgers are only acceptable to eat if they're dipped in sweet and sour sauce



  1. I have never even considered dipping a McDonald's cheeseburger in sweet and sour sauce. Might have to try that one...

  2. I can honestly say that i agree and fully support each and ever single one of these!! lol (really loving the "time for a drink' tho! haha)

    Thanks for linking up!


  3. I have become even further convinced we are the same person. Diet coke, harry potter, RHO__, nail polish, champagne in the am, hybrids, grocery store creepers. OMG I'm a little scared right now... seriously.