Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Funny Story

While visiting my family a few weeks ago, my 12 year old nephew, Matthew, made a joke at my expense. It's a funny story so I'm sharing with you all. Here goes...

I'm with my family at a restaurant about to eat breakfast. My brother, Joey, tells me Matthew learned I had a blog that week. (I know, I'm shocked he didn't know before. I mean, don't all 12 year old boys read lifestyle blogs?) Matthew starts laughing and proceeds to tell me how he discovered my blog. He says his brother, my 16 year old nephew Gabe, told him. Here's how Matthew and Gabe's conversation went:

Gabe: "Did you know Jessica had a blog?"
Matthew: "No, I didn't know that."
Gabe: "Yeah, it's called The Only Ten I See."
Matthew: "Why? She's not a ten!"

Ouch, that hurts. He certainly did not learn his manners from his Aunt Jessica, but it's still pretty clever for a 12 year old. Feel free to laugh; I did.

Point of clarification about this blog's name: I do not, under any circumstance, think that I am a ten. This blog's name is a cute play on words, and a way for me to share what it's like to be a sweet southern girl from Tennessee. That's it, in case you were confused.

Now, I wonder who won't be getting a Christmas present this year?!

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