Friday, June 8, 2012

A new lipstick & gloss I love!

I used to not be that big into lipstick and lip gloss. It was something I didn't see as a necessity in my makeup routine. Now, I feel like I look like a corpse without something on my lips. I always put color and gloss on my lips before I leave home for work, but I do not bring my "good lipstick" to work with me. I'm afraid I'll forget to grab it before I go home and accidentally leave it at work. So, I brought my "average" lipsticks and glosses to work. I apply them throughout the day, but never feel as good as I do when I'm wearing my "good lipstick."

A few weeks ago, work sponsored an "All About Me" day for employees. Various vendors set up shop for the day in our atrium. Clinique just so happened to be there. Now, you already know I use Clinique skin care products, and I just so happened to be out of a favorite product. I went to the booth and made the purchase. When I got back to my office I noticed the Clinique girls put a couple of samples in my bag, a lipstick and a lip gloss.

The lipstick is Long Last Lipstick in All Heart. The gloss is Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Root Beer. I LOVE THEM, especially together! Now, when I apply lipstick and gloss at work I feel fabulous, not like a lesser hot version of myself. The lipstick is smooth and doesn't dry out my lips. It's a dark rosy pink color with a little hint of red. The gloss is ultra balmy with great shine. It's more of a pinky color and maybe a hint of brown. Together, they give a great natural lip color. You should def try this combo out. My only fear is that I'll decide to make this my "good lipstick" and be back in the same situation!

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