Thursday, April 26, 2012

10 Items Every Women Needs In Her Closet

Fashion and clothes should be fun. I truly believe what you put on your body shows the world what you think of yourself. My sister always tells me she never knows what to buy or how to put an outfit together. All you need are the basics, after that it is all about personal style.

Trends aside, here are 10 items I believe every woman should own. Once you have these, buy things that are fun. You have one body, dress it well!

1. Simple black Sheath Dress. Literally, this will go with almost anything. You can add a blazer for work, a sparkly necklace for a date, or a cardigan for church. The possibilities are endless.

2. A black cardigan. You need this because you can put it over any spaghetti strap (or strapless) dress and become instantly work appropriate.

3. Tall Brown Boots. These boots are a wardrobe staple because of their versatility. I wear mine with jeggings to work on Fridays or to lunch with girlfriends paired with a skirt or dress. Plus, they're flat so they give your feet a nice break.

4. A denim jacket. Much like the cardigan, the denim jacket adds modesty to an outfit. I wear mine with a jersey dress and flats.

5. A lady like blouse. The purpose of this blouse is to make you feel super feminine. The color doesn't so much matter, you just need to feel pretty when you put it on. It also goes great with jeans or a pencil skirt.

6. A playful maxi dress. Wear it alone or with your cardigan or denim jacket. I'd stick to color you love. Prints are great, but you might tire of it quickly. You're more likely to keep it if you choose a favorite color. Mine is black.

7. A VaVaVoom dress. I purchased a similar dress to this in 2006 and still love it. I get tons of compliments when I wear it. The wrap style cinches my waist while detracting from my hips. Pick a dress that  highlights what you love most about yourself.

8. A great pair of jeans. "Mom" jeans are not allowed. I've always steered towards trouser jeans because I'm self-conscious about my hips and thighs. Recently, I've gone for slimmer fit and loved it. The key is not being afraid to let yourself look good.

9. A versatile shirt. You need a shirt that will look great with jeans, dress pants, or a skirt. Button-up shirts are a classic. These will never go out of style. If you're busty, be careful to choose the correct size. You want this shirt to be crisp, but not stuffy. Go with a basic color that will match other items you own. A good tip is to try to think of 3 or 4 items you already own that would go with it.

10. A skirt that shows your personality. Are you a classically chic lady? Then maybe you'd love a high-waist pencil skirt. If you're a fun loving girl, then a brightly colored skirt may be for you. Are you a free-spirited woman? Then you may choose a flowy maxi skirt. The trick is to feel so "you" in this skirt.

So there you have it. 10 items I think every woman should own. These are things I own myself and wear often. Today, I'm wearing a black cardigan over a lady like blouse with black dress pants.

Photos courtesy of : (1) Banana Republic, (2) The Limited, (3) Piperlime, (4) J.Crew, (5) The Limited, (6)-(7) Victoria's Secret, (8)-(10) J.Crew.

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