Friday, February 17, 2012

Cool Things That Happened To Me Today

Counting my blessings. Here are 10 good things that happened today.

1. I got to wear jeans. Hallelujah for casual Fridays!

2. I did not get stopped at a single red light on the way to work.

3. The sun shining on my face this afternoon felt amazing! (even if I was only outside for 5 minutes)

4. I sat in on a conference call and didn't feel as lost as last year's Easter egg. (maybe I did learn something in law school?!)

5. The top I ordered from Banana Republic shipped! (Check it out here)

6. I'm on day 3 of the same nail polish and I still don't have any chips! (Rimmel London Grey Matter)

7. I remembered to bring my lunch to work.

8. I started making plan for a trip to Jamaica (I think we might stay here)

9. My third day hair didn't look like third day hair. (I love this dry shampoo!)

10. I found a clothing website with the cutest stuff. (Love this website!)

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