Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You can't have it all

Having an unexpected day off in the middle of the week to nurse your cold, like I did yesterday, has its perks, I'm not going to lie. Like watching unlimited Bravo - definitely a perk or taking photos like this of your attention obsessed dog.

But let's face it, a day out of the office also has its downsides. Like coming back to work to 100 emails all from people who think their problem is the most important problem on the planet and really needed you to help them solve it yesterday. Or, realizing you missed out on the giant cookie cake and impromptu office party.

There is really no point to this post except to say that life's a trade off. You can watch all the inappropriate cable television you want or you can have the cookie cake. But, my loves, you can't have them both.


  1. I'll take a day of non-stop Bravo for a 100 work emails. I might bitch about it, but that's definitely my preference!

  2. Yes, but time with your attention loving fur baby is precious!