Friday, August 16, 2013

High Five For Friday!

Happy happy Friday!

Things did NOT go as planned this week. At all. They started out good, got pretty bad, and then got good again.

1. I got a new blog button, and I love it!
2. Then I had a scooter accident and did this to my arm.
3. And this to my leg.
4. Then, to make me feel better, my nephew let me straighten his very curly hair. It kinda did make me feel better.
5. The Vols released their new uniforms yesterday. I just bought a grey sweater to wear to games and it came in the mail yesterday. Coincidence? Or can I see the future? I definitely can't see the future because if I could I wouldn't have gotten into a scooter accident now would I?
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  1. I am LOVING the new uniforms! Can't wait to see them in person!!!! So sorry about your boo boo! You ok??

  2. Ouch, those look like they hurt! I am liking the blog button. I've tried and tried to make one but every time it never works. It gets quite frustrating.

  3. Ouchhhh! I relate - my arm is jacked up right now due to a jellyfish sting that has since gone haywire and is now a full-blown rash. I'm guessing it wasn't quite as painful as yours though! Hope you recover soon! At least you have a cute new blog button : )

  4. I am from Alabama and now live in Tide country (boo), and am not looking forward to dealing with football season down here for the first time, but you better believe I will be wearing my orange in October! Sorry not sorry to my husband who works for I love the new uniforms though!!! Go Vols!!!