Monday, April 8, 2013

I saw the future, and it wasn't pretty

I mentioned last week that my pup, Bourke, had surgery on Thursday. He was released from the hospital Friday night, and it has been one crazy weekend. Before I go into the details, I'll give you a little back story. Bear with me, this is a long one.

Bourke has always been a low maintenance dog. Like sleep and lie in bed with you all day never caring if you feed him or take him out (which we always did). All he cared about was being with you. If you dream up a perfect dog, it would be Bourke.

Do you know another dog that can pull of a pink bow tie?
In September of last year, we started noticing some odd behavior from him. Long story short, he was diagnosed with diabetes. This low maintenance dog now has to eat at the same time every day and get insulin shots with his meals. He can't really have treats, and we have to go once a month for the vet to check his glucose level. It was difficult at first, but we've adjusted to our new way of life.

Diabetes Diagnosis = Pirate Boot for the weekend
 In February, we noticed him acting odd again. He walked very slowly and kept his nose to the ground almost all the time. Over the next few days, we realized that he couldn't see. The vet confirmed that he had cataracts. Apparently 80% or so diabetic dogs get cataracts.

Shortly thereafter we made the decision to have his cataracts removed. I know that dogs can live perfectly fine lives being blind, but I constantly worried about him being scared not knowing where he was or what was going on. So, Thursday was the big day.

We were sent home with 4 different eye medicines we were supposed to dispense 4 times a day. All this on top of his insulin regimen. He also has to be in a e-collar (cone of shame) and be kept away from our other dog, Five, for 3 weeks.

1 shaved face and 2 artificial lenses later, we're on the way home
Kris worked Friday night, and I was responsible for both dogs. Who couldn't be in the same room. And I haven't figured out how to be in 2 places at once. So it was a rough night.

When Kris got home at 1am, I was still awake and exhausted. Because Bourke and Five can't be together, Kris and I decided the easiest thing to do would be to sleep apart for the next few weeks. I'd take Bourke and he would take Five. Our dogs are spoiled and sleep with us, spare me the grief on this one because it ain't changing.

When he realized the cone was staying, he got depressed
6am came and it was time for Bourke's eye drops, food, and insulin. It was also time to go outside. I don't know why, but I picked him up after we went out. I got mud all over me. By that time it was around 7am, and I was seriously too tired to care. I just crashed on the couch mud and all. 

I woke up about 9am, and Kris was getting ready for work. Lucky bastard. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Yikes! Messy hair, muddy sweat pants and t-shirt, no bra, and some serious dark circles. I think they call that a hot mess. While staring at the unfortunate stranger I saw in the mirror, it hit me. Oh god, this is what I'll be like when I have kids. Probably worse.

I've always thought I would be the kind of mom who takes care of herself. Still fixes up and wears makeup and nice clothes. Well, the best thing that I can say for myself last weekend is that I managed to swipe on some mascara and throw my hair in a pony tail.

Apparently this isn't going to be me
I told Kris to look at me. That this was the future. That I was one step away from thinking that yoga pants were appropriate for things other than yoga. He laughed, but as he walked out the door for work he said, "It would do you some good to get out of the house today."


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  1. Oh no!!!! Maybe this is just training... You learn how to do it all now and when a kiddo arrives you'll be a pro before you even start.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about poor Bourke. Its so tough to see our pups hurting, especially because they can't tell us what is wrong. Thinking about you pretty lady and your two cute pups! And we let JoJo sleep in the bed with us, so no judgement here! Keep it up!

  3. Poor little Bourke! I hate seeing Tilly in pain.

  4. Poor puppy! You are being a good Mom, and sometimes it isn't very glamorous.

  5. Poor Bourke. Hope he starts healing fast. I can tell you're a great dog-mom though!

  6. Haha, I had to take our pups to the vet just for routine exams alone and one of our "babies" got loose from their leash and I freaked. I was so not calm; I thought, "well I don't think I'll ever be a calm momma I envision when I become a human mom", so I feel ya. Hope puppy gets better, soon!

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