Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beach Recap & 30 Miles in 30 Days

Now that I've been home for 4 days and am leaving again tomorrow, I feel it is appropriate to recap my beach weekend.

We arrived in Tybee around 3:30 and promptly crashed on the couch. Something about sitting in a car for 7 hours made us want to sit some more. We went to dinner around 7 and were in bed by 9:30. This is not a joke.

Friday, we awoke to the news that the Boston bombers had been identified and one was still on the loose. We had a gigantic breakfast, and spent our morning on the couch glued to CNN. Being an educated woman can be tough. We did, however, manage to ride bikes all over the island for a good part of the afternoon. We hit the beach for about 20 minutes, but the wind was terrible. We had an amazing dinner and talked politics all night. Again, we were in bed by 10pm.

Saturday, the weather was terrible. We got pedicures and watched TV all afternoon. We drove into Savannah that night to let our hair down. Drinks, dinner, and after dinner drinks proved to be too much for us. We were back on Tybee by 10pm.

I should be utterly ashamed of myself (and my friends) for going on a girls' trip and being so lame, but I am not. The truth is, I had an awesome time. Getting 10 hours of sleep every night was just what the doctor ordered.

30 Miles in 30 Days Update:

Friday: 3 miles biking

Saturday: 2 miles walking

Tuesday: 2 miles walking

Wednesday: 2 miles walking

Total Weekly Miles: 9 miles

Total Miles: 37 Miles

Miles to Go: Done! 7 miles over with 5 days to go!


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  1. I think your girls trip sounds wonderful! I definitely prefer the more laid back trips!