Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 Things

I've been seeing these 5 Things posts all over the place lately. Technically, I think someone is supposed to tag you before you can do one. Well, no one tagged me, and rules are made to be broken. So I'm doing one anyway.

1. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. Mostly because it keeps my hair healthy, but I"m not going to lie. Part of the reason is because I hate, gut hate, blow drying my hair.

This is 4 day hair

2. I don't like paying for manicures. I just do not see the point. I can file and paint my own nails. For free.

Done by me FOR FREE

3. I've never had an entire beer. I just hate the stuff. When someone says "Try this, you'll love it. It doesn't taste like beer," I try it, but just can't stomach it. I call BS. If it's a beer, then it tastes like a beer, and I just can't drink it.

This is what I prefer to drink

4. I'm a homebody. My husband would prefer me to the person who wants to go out until 3am, but that's just not me. Maybe when I was 21, but at 28, I love being home and getting a good night's sleep.

Lying on the couch is my favorite

5. I'm a wine snob. My boo for life is a country club manager so I've been spoiled with trips to wine country and bottles of the best.

Private Guest House = spoiled Jessica
Eff, the rules. Tag yourself and tell me your five things.


  1. We have so much in common, I felt like I just read my own post. With the exception of day 4 hair. I can NEVER get past day 2, my hair is so oily. So I'm so jealous of day 4 hair (especially since it looks so fab!!!).

  2. I feel the exact same way about blowdrying. I loathe it. And my hair gets frizzy if I wash it and dont. So solution? Don't wash it. Maybe this is why I am also a homebody.... xx

    Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons

  3. I am a homebody too! It feels so good to be at home! And I love doing my own manicures too! Have a nice day Jessica! :)

  4. Love this post! Your 4th day hair looks better than mine so we need to get together and you can tell me your tricks! I always do my own nails too. The only exception is for a very special event or something. I like doing them myself!

  5. I love your 5 things!! Espically about being a home body! My husband could stay out so late too but not me! I need my beauty sleep!


  6. Ha... I tagged you in my post today :)

  7. You are awesome! And I don't even know how to blow dry my hair. Don't feel bad!

  8. Love this!!! We have all of it in common actually - except for one thing, just flip the beer and wine comments. lol I prefer beer and finding new ones to try, etc and even though I love wine too, I've tried a lot I just don't like and can't drink much of! ha

  9. Hate beer. Don't really like wine either. Haven't made the time to try to see what I like. I do my own nails too. I hate drying my hair and usually only dry it halfway, but I have to wash my every day so I don't look like a grease ball.

  10. I love wine! And I wash my hair once or twice a week for the same reasons - it keeps it healthy and I HATE blowdrying it!!

  11. So I'm going to be "that girl" that suggests another beer to try even though you hate them. ;) I hate beer myself, but I love ciders. They taste like apple juice to me with a kick of champagne. I love them! Woodchuck Amber is probably my favorite. Although the new Redd's Apple Ale is good too. Have you ever tried them? However, if you don't like sweet wines I wouldn't suggest trying a cider.