Thursday, July 24, 2014

Today is hard

Today is hard. I'm missing Kris terribly. I'm not sure why it's all hitting me today or bothering me more than other days; today just feels different.

There have been some major changes in Casa de Garner the past couple of weeks. So that makes major changes for the 3rd month in a row. To be honest. I feel like I'm almost at my breaking point. Seriosuly.

When we decided to embark on this new adventure, we also decided to put our house on the market. I felt like it would be too hard to take care of our house by myself, and Kris is always supportive so we listed it. Well, 45 days later we got the offer. There was one catch, be out in 3 weeks. So I've been packing up our first home (that we owned) box by box. It's a little depressing, and it really feels like I haven't made a dent, although I make myself pack 3 boxes every night. I'm hoping that's enough to get the job done.

Truthfully, I have mixed emotions about leaving this house. On one hand, we have never felt 100% confident that we chose the right neighborhood when we built it, but on the other hand, this is our first home. There may be many homes after this one, but there will never be another first home. When we built this house, I thought we'd be there for awhile, not forever, but for a lot longer than 2 years, 1 month, 2 weeks, and 2 days. In a way, it feels like our journey with our home is being cut short, but it also feels like we're doing exactly what we need to do.

Needless to say, my emotions are all over the place today. And I really miss Kris. So keep our family in your thoughts the next couple of weeks, we close on the house 2 weeks from today.


  1. I just read up about your risk taking - hang in there girl! If you need anything I'm here for you while you are still in town. If you need help with anything with the house let me know, I mean it! I'll be out of town next week, but I'm home on the 3rd! XOXO You can do this!

  2. Oh goodness, girl. I know this is a rough time. Micah is my rock, and even if I knew that the living apart situation was what was best for our family, it'd still be the hardest thing I could ever do. Many props to you for handling it so well.

    You just gotta keep your head up (oh-oh, so you can let your hair down eh-eh! Ha.) and remember why you're doing it. Happy thoughts to you guys!

  3. Oh friend, I know all too well what you are feeling. We closed on our first house at the end of June and I had the same thoughts. I was sad to leave because it was our first home as a married couple and the home where we brought our first baby home. Although there were plenty of things I wanted to change about the house, it was STILL our first house together. And I am right there with you going through changes, so let me just say I know the roller coaster you are on. There is one thing I know, change is good - no matter what. Just keep going, keep running after your dreams and doing what feels right for your family. It might not look right to others, but if it is right for your family that is all that matters. Praying for you! XOXO