Thursday, May 29, 2014


On Tuesday, I embarked on a new journey with my health. The Whole30 journey. I'd heard tremendous things about the Whole30 lifestyle, but it's a Paleo-like diet and that scared me. So, I bought the book and that pretty much sealed the deal.

Here's the thing...I've always struggled with maintaining a healthy weight and with making smart food choices. I reached my ideal weight in 2007 and maintained it until 2011, but over the past 3 years the weight has slowly crept back on. I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change. I knew Weight Watchers wasn't going to cut it this time.

The science behind Whole30 really appealed to me, but I'll go more into that in another post. In an effort to keep myself honest, I'm going to blog about my Whole30 experience. I'd love to hear your feedback!


Day 1 -

Breakfast: Breakfast was my least complicated and most satisfying meal of the day. I had turkey bacon, egg whites, and an apple. I love breakfast food so this was an easy meal. I also had the day off from work, so I didn't eat breakfast until around 10am.

Trip to the Grocery: Bad idea. Terrible. I wanted to buy all the cookies. I didn't, but I wanted to.

Lunch: Turkey burger patty, homemade sweet potato fires, and grapes. Lunch was a little harder. The fries didn't quite turn out the way I wanted, so I was a little bummed. Plus, Kris was packing for his move so my emotions were on the fritz. I really wanted to binge eat potato chips. I didn't, don't worry. I think I ate around 1:30pm.

Snack: I wanted a snack around 3:30pm so I ate some pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries. In hindsight, I should have added some protein. Maybe I was using fruit in place of a normal sweet snack?

Dinner: Another turkey burger and sweet potato fries. I ate dinner around 5:30pm. I planned on cooking chicken, but by that time Kris had gone. I'd cooked 4 patties at lunch, so I thought why the hell not?

Snack: Yet another turkey burger patty around 9pm. At 160 calories I didn't really feel so bad, but I'm not sure why I felt like I needed another snack.

Overall, I felt like I ate too much fruit and not enough veggies - something to do better tomorrow. Also, I noticed how often I mentally felt like I needed to eat. Whole30 talks about patterns and having to rewire your brain. Hoping that starts soon!


  1. Wishing you luck with your new diet! Paleo intimidates me, as well. I'm excited to follow your progress :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

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