Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's OK

Lately, I've found myself in many situations where I've had to take a deep breath and tell myself it's all OK. But, instead of re-hashing it all with you guys, I decided I would lighten the mood today.


I bring you the It's OK Thursday: Real Housewives of Atlanta Edition.

It's OK...

For Kenya Moore to think she looks like Beyonce. She doesn't and we all know that.

That NeNe refers to herself as "glamother" instead of grandmother. No explanation necessary.

For me to give Phaedra a free pass just because she practices law. Us attorneys have to stick together.

That Cynthia and Peter are starting to look like the only "normal" ones. Miracles do happen, folks.

That my favorite quote from the show is when Phaedra said "Everybody knows the only person looking for a husband is somebody that ain't never had one."

For Cynthia to put Kenya in her place by offering to give her the book He's Just Not That Into You. Get it girl!

That watching this train wreck of a show makes me happier than eating cupcakes and drinking champagne. And that is tough to do!

Remember boos, It's OK!



  1. I love that your it's ok is RHOA. Those ladies are redic. And somewhat embarrassing to the rest of ATL. Cute blog, can't wait to keep reading.

  2. ...that I thought watching the 500th season of American Idol was bad. I am still in awe of all that is okay in this post. I have never watched RHOA, should I start? It's okay to think that if I ever become a Real Housewife of West Virginia that I may not become as glamorous as the ladies you are referring to.

    Amanda @3lilapples New follow courtesy of A Complete Waste of Makeup