Thursday, December 27, 2012

Have you met Alexa?

Hey y'all! I'm still traveling, but don't worry loves. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, Alexa has so graciously prepared a post for you. 

Have you met Alexa? She blogs over at Southern Living, Our Way. She is totes funny, plus she's originally from Tennessee, so I pretty much love her! Her blog is on my must read list. She's a great gal. You could call me slightly obsessed, but I prefer massively interested.  OK, Alexa, take it away!

Hi, Love & Loyally readers! I'm Alexa and I blog over at Southern Living, Our Way ~ mostly sharing stories about being a newlywed {hello, popular blog topic alert!} and parenting a caaaa-uuuute dog who I consider my human child. I'm so excited to be guest posting on Jessica's blog today while she gets her travel on for the holidays! Today I want to talk about a topic that's on everyone's mind lately. It's almost life or death. The Mayans couldn't even have predicted this annual human dilemma {Oh wait, they're not very good at predicting things to begin with...}. You're thinking about it, I'm thinking about it. Heck, I bet even T.Swift is thinking about it, and we all know she's a busy gal already, what with juggling awards and barely-legal teens! Here it goes... How in the world do I want to spend my dolla dolla bills after Christmas?! {I'm not dramatic, I swear.} Personally, I'm a gal who loves receiving gift cards as much as I love receiving tangible gifts. My parents and grandparents hate giving us kids just money and gift cards, because it's not much to physically open on Christmas morning. However, opening a Target or Victoria's Secret bag full of self-bought goodies, weeks after Christmas when I feel flat-a** broke, is a nice gift in my book! So, if the ATM/gift card gods smile on me this year {gotta love those stocking stuffers!}, here's what I would love to buy that I didn't ask Santa for:
Oh, I swoon over this Coach Emmanuelle pea coat. Especially in this beautiful color (can I pull it off as Tennessee orange? Of course!).
Because I'd feel like an idiot asking for a food processor for Christmas, but I'm really really really missing homemade pesto since my old food processor broke months ago. Scale 1-10 how nerdy is this desire? 20, definitely.
Anthropologie initial iPhone case. Because when else can I afford anything in Anthro. besides a votive candle?
I posted about this state-shaped cutting board here. We gave one to my grandparents for Christmas, but now I'm jealous and would love one for myself!
Y'all probably think I'm just freezing all the time, between this and the pea coat. And I kinda am. My feet are always like ice. But in reality I just love this Mountain Hardwear "Monkey Woman" jacket. Favorite I've ever owned and I wear the same one daily. Even to work, because that's my definition of "business casual."
Color me crazy, and this one might take some work in convincing my husband {and our current "only child" dog}, but I want a Great Dane! It's always been my dream to have a horse-like dog whose weight equals two of me. I mean, why wouldn't it be?! So, what's on your post-holiday wish list? Come on, we're all greedy Americans, you don't have to be shy about it ;) Happy Holidays!! I hope you'll hop on over to Southern Living, Our Way and follow along!

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  1. Alexa's humor is some of the best! And I'm right there with her...wanting to buy coats, well, and shoes with all my gifted gift cards. Alexa, would you consider an American Bulldog? Ours is like a living rug, the cowhide version. She's ginormous!!