Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In My Beach Bag

Well, dollies, it's the time of year when we're kicking ourselves for not sticking to our new year's resolutions and for skipping the gym one too many times. That's right; it's beach/pool season.

Whether you're headed somewhere tropical or just to your neighborhood pool, you need to be ready. Here are some items I just can't live without while I'm at the beach or poolside.

Beacg Bag


1. My face is super sensitive, so I always use baby sunscreen on my face and chest. It's usually unscented and high in SPF.

2. A floppy hat is great way to make a fashion statement while beach bumming it. It also helps keep the sun's harmful rays away from your gorgeous face! You can never be too careful with your skin.

3. Your face isn't the only part of you that needs sunscreen. I love this lightweight mist on my body. I tan easily, but still always go with 50 SPF or above. I get a brown tone, but no burns ever! Sorry girls, 15 and 30 just won't cut it. Be sure to reapply often!

4. A chic cover-up is a must. There's no need to throw away your style just because you're at the pool.

5. A good cocktail while poolside is one of life's little treasures. Try this one for a low cal option.

6. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated. Have water after every cocktail. Smart Water will help replace lost electrolytes.

7. Sorry iPad lovers, my Kindle is what's going to the beach with me. I can read it in the sun without that awful glare. Right now, I'm reading Emily Giffin's Love The One You're With.

8. A magazine at the beach is also a  must for me. I am a faithful Glamour reader.

9. You gotta have a giant bag to throw all your junk in. This one is a fave, plus I'm loving the faded yellow with the stripes on the cover up in #4!

What about you? What you take with you to the beach or pool?



  1. I love smart water! I take my nook with me everywhere. It has the anti-glare screen and it's just fab!

  2. Ah baby sunscreen .. thats a great idea for sensitive skin! Loving the floppy hat too xo

  3. Glamour and a margarita...yes, yes, yes!!
    Didn't even think about baby sunscreen for sensitive skin but def gonna get that this year!