Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Websites To Brighten Your Day

Have a case of the blahs? Think your work day might never end? Want to look busy but not actually be busy? These 10 websites will make any work day a little sweeter. Enjoy!

1. Uncommon Goods. Unique and interesting gifts.

2. The Foundary. Flash sale site for home accessories and furnishings.

3. Sole Society. One price. Cute shoes. Free shipping.

4. Some eCards. Funny and always slightly (or not so slightly) inappropriate.

5. Above the law. Stories of other people's idiocy make you feel less stupid.

6. Decadestwo1. Designer consignment(ish). Not always affordable, but fun to look at.

7. Ruche. Vintage inspired and affordable.

8. My Fitness Pal. Keep track of what you eat and how often you exercise. WARNING: you will become addicted to this website.

9. Nashville Toffee Company. The. best. toffee. ever. You're welcome.

10. Edropoff. Designer eBay auctions. Catch a great deal plus the thrill of the hunt.

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