Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 Pics to Celebrate

Today is my sweet, sweet husband's birthday. In honor of the special day, here are 10 of my favorite pics of him/us.

Happy Birthday, Kris! I love you!

1. Our wedding day. We're so Vogue! (2011)

2. Another from our wedding day. (2011)

3. From our (well, my) Barbie and Ken party. (2012)

4. Our honeymoon in Antigua. Love the hat! (2011)

5.Graduation from law school. (2011)

6.Wedding weekend. LOVE this pic!(2011)

7. Knoxville Marathon Relay. (2011)

8. I didn't know it at the time this picture was taken, but we were about to get engaged! (2010)

9. The first time we went to Aruba. Now our favorite vacation spot! (2008)

10. How can you not love this face? Probably my favorite picture of him! (2011)

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