Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Bargain Buys

Here are 10 items you can get a great price every single day of the week. No waiting for sales. Love!

1. Neutrogena Naturals Face and Body Bar. $3.99. I have sensitive skin so this bar works great for me. I love to travel with it because it doubles as a face wash and a body wash.

2. JTV Bella Luce earrings. $37.68. I wear these on vacation when I don't want to travel with expensive jewelry. I get tons of compliments on them.Can't get enough of the sparkle.

3. Ultra Brite toothpaste. $1.00. You can't beat it; I've used it since college and it whitens as well as any other toothpaste I've ever used.

4. Mossimo Pearlie Chunky Heel. $29.99. LOVE. That's all I can say.

5. Sinful Colors nail polish. $1.99. Tons of great colors and such a great price. I mean, nail polish it a must have, but it can be expensive. It's nice to have options that don't break the bank. 

6. JTV Off Park Collection bracelet. $37.62. This bracelet makes a statement. How cute would this be with a coral colored dress?

7. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. $13.00. I use this every single day. I have super oily skin, but I know it's still important for me moisturize. This gel is lightweight and perfect.

8. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anit-Wrinkle Cream SPF15.$12.99. SPF every day. Even in the winter.

9. Suave Professionals Touchable Extra Hold Aerosol Hairspray. $2.74. I'm a product snob when it comes to my hair, but I love this hairspray. Totally a great buy.

10. American Living Ruffle Cardigan from JC Penney. $35.00. This is so cute and great for spring.

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