Thursday, December 19, 2013

Jessica doesn't want

Tuesday's wish list post inspired today's do not wish list post. In other words, if I were telling someone about gifts I'd dislike or buying a present for my archenemy, here's what I'd pick.

Not Wish List


1. Coach bag - Coach is tired. I'm on to other brands. I haven't seen anything I've liked from Coach in about 5 years.

2. Ugg boots - I hate them and pretty much think they're the worst shoe ever invented. Unless you live in Alaska, which I don't and you probably don't either, I'd suggest you never wear them.

3. Anything living - I have no interest in plants(ahem, mother). Please not again. I can't take the pressure of having to keep something alive.

4. Popcorn tin - no one ever eats this stuff. It's gross. Don't do it to yourself or your loved ones. Especially if your loved one is me.

5. Taylor Swift - I don't care for her or her music. So, no.

6. Home Décor - Home décor is so personal, and I'm super picky. Ask my husband. He'll vouch.

7. Anything gadget-y - I'm not into home repair, projects, etc. Not even a little bit. I've rather have nothing than a gadget taking up space. Did I mention I'm super picky?

8. 1000 Shade Eye Palette - Seriously, does anyone eve use this thing? It's not for me. And, it's probably not for you. Spend your $50 elsewhere. Or just give me the cash.

9. Bath & Body Works Gift Set - I have so much B&BW crap that I'm pretty they'll have to bury me with it. It's almost always a no-go. Unless you're buying for a 10 year old. Then it might be OK. Maybe.

10. Towels - Now some people may like getting towels, but I do not. I am very particular about the brand, color, and size of my towels. In other words, extremely hard to please. You setting yourself up for failure here.

What are you not wishing for this year?


  1. I'm not wishing for any clothes, for once! Though I disagree about Coach, the studded bags from this fall and pastel leather bags from the Spring were great. I don't like the monogrammed stuff though! Rebecca Minkoff and Michael Kors are the same price range and a little more trendy though.

  2. I am completely with you on the Bath and Body works stuff. Scents are so personal! Every time I've ever received something like that I haven't liked the scent much. But how can you hate on the popcorn tins!? My family must be the freak family that loves them. My aunt sends one every year and we demolish it.

  3. I pretty much agree with everything you said (except the ugg boots, I just can't part with mine. they are a lifesaver). I feel like everyone and their mother has a coach bag. I dislike Taylor Swift and after the holidays I have enough soap stuff to last me until next Christmas.