Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

Wow, I feel like such a hot mess lately! I've fallen off the diet wagon, stopped cleaning my house, created uninteresting & poor quality content around these parts, and basically allowed my life to lie in shambles all around me. While that's a bit dramatic, it's truly I how I feel. Like I'm sucking at life right now.

Blah. This is too much of a downer topic for a Monday. Let's talk about something else. 

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low key and went by way too quickly! I worked from 7am until 8:30pm(ish) on Friday. We were outside basically all day, so I spent Saturday thawing out and recovering.

Oh & I scored these shoes for $8.99! I've been eyeing them for a couple of months; it pretty much feels like I won the powerball. Or at least the grand prize on a scratch off ticket. You get the idea.

I also enjoyed  some delicious Starbucks, and played around with 2 adorable pups.


The weekend wasn't half bad. Linking up for Weekend Shenanigans. Happy Monday!



  1. I have fallen off the wagon too!!! I'm struggling with getting back on permanently!

  2. Oh I totally feel you on the "falling off the wagon in every single aspect of life." Someday I'll get it together. Your weekend looks lovely though!


  3. mmm...starbucks!!! and puppies! sounds like an awesome wknd!

  4. I'm jealous! I need new leopard heels AND flats! The dog ate mine.

  5. I've been eyeing those pumps forEVER and haven't bought them yet. How the heck did you get them for $8?! You did win the jackpot!!