Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's OK

I'm trying something a little new today and linking up for It's OK Thursday.

It's OK...

That my house isn't clean. I've had 2 fab dates with my husband this week.

That I watch trash TV. Everyone needs to "shut off" every now and then.

That I want to skip over Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas. I'm thankful every day.

That my hair never looks as good in real life as it does in my head.

That I'd rather eat cupcakes and drink champagne that do anything else.

That I've been using old makeup for 2 weeks because I don't want to go to the mall.

That my puppy is bat sh*t crazy. She's a constant source of entertainment.

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. haha that image on buying happiness is too funny. It is totally okay that your house is dirty. It's even more okay that you watch trash tv. I almost exclusively watch trash...the last thing I want after work is to have to actively think (is that wrong to admit?)

    1. It is not wrong to admit! Some days I don't want to actively think at all. Even at work. Today may or may not be one of those days. Is it wrong to admit that I am super pumped that Real Housewives of Atlanta is back? If so then I don't want to be right! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hi there - found you from the link up! Love your blog!

    I feel you on the hair thing. I always think it looks awesome until I see a photo of never FEELS that flat...haha.

    1. I know! I never feel like my hair is flat until I see pictures of myself. I think brunettes photographer flatter than blondes. At least, that's what I tell myself!