Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August, is that you?

Hello, August, is that you? Why yes, it is. How quickly you got here without me noticing time was passing.

Today, I'm inspired by the new month and by Breanna at Blog by Bre, so I'm going to list a few of my goals for August. Are you ready? OK, here goes...

1. Get back into running so I can do the Knoxville Color of Mayhem 5k
2. Get pictures hung on my walls, because seriously, it's been 6 weeks since we moved
3. Go to Barre 4 times a week, this twice a week thing isn't cutting it
4. Organize my desk at work, people are starting to stare (see pics below)
5. Remember that my words have meaning to other people, and start showing that I care about that, because I really do

Also, 9 of my 10 bips (bips = nieces and nephews, there is not 1 word that encompasses nieces and nephews, so I made up my own) start back to school today so I thought I'd share with you their names and grades. Yes, you did read that correctly. I have 10 nieces and nephews. Apparently, some people don't know how babies are made!

Gabe - 11th grade
Kandice - 10th grade
Matthew - 7th grade
Olivia - 6th grade
Kaitlin - 5th grade
Drake - 5th grade
Elizabeth - 3rd grade
Liberty - Kindergarten
Maycie - Kindergarten

Rock it out today, bips.

I need help

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