Friday, June 1, 2012

10 Days of Super Easy Ways to Style Your Hair: Day 9

9. Side knot with a twist. This style was fun to try. I washed my hair and let it air dry. I put a pea size amount of Aveda Smooth Infusion Prep Style Smoother in it about an hour into the air dry process. After my hair was 100% dry, I twisted my bangs to the side and secured with 2 bobby pins. Then, I pulled my hair to the left side of my head, like I was going to put it in a side pony. Next, I wrapped what would be the "mane" of the pony into a loose bun and secure with a clear elastic. The bun should be very loose. I kind of pulled at the bun a little to make it a little messy. Next, secure any stray pieces of hair. I have layers, so I had to bobby pin the back if my hair, but I tried to maintain an organic look. Last, I did a quick spritz of hairspray. I like this look because it feels like summer. I wouldn't wear my hair like this to dinner, but definitely while shopping or at the beach.

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