Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jessica Wants

If I was buying Christmas presents for myself, or providing someone with a wish list, here's what would be on it.

Wish List

1. Butler Tray - I have this idea that I want a bar stand. I think this bulter tray & stand will do the trick.

2. Kate Spade Agenda - I love writing things down, so an agenda is right up my alley. Plus, Kate and I are practically BFFs.

3. Monogram Earrings - I love a good monogram. I mean, I am southern, so...

4. Kate Spade Library Lane - This is my wedding china. I never received all 12 of my place settings, and I'm trying to finish my set. Love this in platinum!

5. Gel Manicure Kit - My friend has one of these, and I have always been so jealous! I'm dying for one.

6. Real Hot Yoga Gift Certificate - Hot yoga is my jam. I will always be appreciative of a hot yoga gift certificate. Namaste.

7. Chanel Chance Perfume - Chance is my all time favorite number 1 perfume. It's my signature fragrance. I just ran out, so I'm in need of another bottle.

8. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 - Do I really need to explain?

9. Duvet Cover - Our master bedroom is one of the only rooms in our house that we haven't made how we want it. I'm desperate for a new duvet (and side tables and lamps)

10. Couch - Our little pups are doing a number on our couch, and it is dying a slow painful death. It's time to replace it. And keep the dogs of it. Or invest in a Marie Barone style plastic slipcover.

What are you wishing for this season?


  1. I'm hoping for new perfume. I've been out forever!

  2. I never do a wish list. My friends and I stopped giving gifts - we realized that life is best lived when you give to others. We give to local charities instead. I have no family so no need for gifts there!