Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

It's Monday.

I had to get up an hour earlier than normal today because the shocks on my car are getting changed today, which means Kris had to take me to work. Except, he had an 8am dentist appointment. And that meant we had to drop my car off at 7:20. 7:15 is my normal wake-up time.

As you can see, I had a bit of a rough start. But, on to the good stuff.

I had high hopes for this weekend. I really did.

I went out Friday night, got a pedicure Saturday morning, and then I was invited to go to the lake. Fabulous! Well, plans changed and we decided to go on Sunday. No biggie. I went to the pool on Saturday and laid out. I also saw The Butler Saturday night. It was awesome.

Well, Sunday comes, and I'm so excited. I haven't been to the lake at all this summer. Then I remember that I have some gaping wounds on my knees and arms. Open wounds and lake water do not a good combination make. I was crushed. All my friends were going to the lake, and I couldn't stand the thought of sitting on a boat in the blistering heat without being able to get into the water, so I had to pass.

I spent the day watching Bar Rescue and Real Housewives of Orange County. Oh and getting tagged in pics from the lake by my friends. What kind of assholes rub it in like that? Story of my life.

Hope your weekend was better than mine, and here's to a great week. Linking up for Weekend Shenanigans.


  1. ahhh boo! I'm sorry you missed your lake weekend!

  2. Aw girl that sucks about the lake. Can you try this weekend?

    PS: Bar Resuce is my favorite show.

  3. Oh that sucks! I'm sorry!

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