Friday, February 24, 2012

Garner 10 Pound Showdown defines "garner" in this way - to gather or deposit; to get or acquire; to collect or hoard.

Garner just so happens to be my husband's last name (and half of my last name) and both of us just so happened to have garnered a few extra pounds over the course of our 5+ year relationship. Here's the scoop...

I've put on 5-6 pounds since beginning law school in Fall 2008. I've put on about 10 pounds since Fall 2007. I know, disgusting. Granted, my Fall 2007 weight was a little too small for me, but I loved it! To stay that size I was forced to eat healthy every single meal and exercise about 6 times a week. It was hard work. Slowly, over the course of a year, I'd put on 4-5 pounds.

Then law school happened. Forget free time. Forget a normal schedule. Hell, forget normal, period. For 3 years. Now that I've graduated, taken the bar exam, started a new job, passed the bar exam, gotten married, and purchased (put a contract on) a new house (what can say, 2011 was a good year!) I can get back into what was "normal" for me.

To make things more interesting, my husband and I will be competing to lose weight. The person who loses the the highest percentage of weight wins. Wins what, I don't know. Needless to say he's going down! Doesn't he know I'm a lawyer so I'm used to being miserable!

So, what's the 10? 10 pounds in 2 months. Ready, set, go!

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